I have always had an affinity for music that evokes strong emotion.


I think that these two tracks are the first pieces of music that I ever heard that brought about such emotion:


Pop, rap, rock, dance…whatever. Music within genres like these fall short of providing an intense feeling and emotion when listened to. They may be catchy, fun and help provide a certain “vibe”, but they just can’t do what theme music, like above, can do.

I listen to theme music for two reasons:

  1. I’m a writer and shortly put, theme music is my muse…it helps me write.
  2. I enjoy the feeling I get when I listen to theme music.

I could bang on about how theme music is better because it can enable different mental perspectives, makes me think about history, captivates my imagination…blah blah blah…but it doesn’t really matter.

This music is great.

And my aim is to prove it to you. So I’m going to be posting a comprehensive list of music that I consider to be the best within the genre, for your pleasure.

I’ll keep the posts short usually…you’re here for the music!


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